Concrete and Concrete Products

Concrete is all around us and has been for a very long time. It can be said to be the foundation of society. Starting off with the buildings in Rome to the infrastructure of highways and skyscrapers today it is the material that makes the most sense to build with offering cost-effectiveness, durability, and resilience.

Concrete is literally the foundation of commercial construction. Mustang Construction uses RCC, reinforced cement concrete. It is generally reinforced with steel rods, commonly called rebar. It is an ideal combination with concrete being very strong, in regard to compression. Steel is known for its excellent tensile strength.

The benefits of concrete are many. For one, concrete is disaster resilient and it actually gets stronger as it gets older. Concrete is also sustainable and builds buildings with energy efficiency, long-life cycle, lower life-cycle costs and resilience following natural and man-made disasters.


Commercial Concrete Services include: 

  • Arenas
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Office Space
  • Schools
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Churches
  • Foundations
  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial or Decorative Flooring
  • Slip-Free Surfacing
  • Balconies
  • Containment Slabs

We at Mustang Construction have been increasingly progressing over to working in commercial concrete projects. We have the team of professionals you can trust. Before undertaking any commercial construction project, you need to hire the best. For us at Mustang Construction there is no concrete pouring project too large or too small. Our staff can work with your engineers, architects, project managers, and superintendent to meet all of your unique specifications.  We will complete the project on time, within budget, with the highest quality materials and the latest industry standards. 

We offer a host of residential and commercial services to build new or repair damaged concrete structures.


We offer sidewalk installation and repair for homes and businesses. From residential subdivisions to private property paths and custom designed areas, you’ll get the high-quality sidewalk designs you need that are built to last.

Concrete Driveways

We specialize in making driveways for commercial and residential clients. Driveways should be four inches thick for standard cars and five for heavier vehicles. To eliminate standing water the driveway should be sloped towards the street for proper drainage. Do it right the first time and your driveway will last for years and withstand the elements. Call Mustang Construction with our experienced, courteous professionals to get the job done to spec and on time!

Smooth and Stylish Concrete Flatwork

As the name implies, this type of construction job entails pouring concrete on a horizontal plane, creating a perfectly flat and smooth surface. They are popular due to their strength and decorative options. Mustang Construction can provide new concrete flatwork in any dimension or, whenever possible, repair existing flatwork. Flatwork is popular for patios, walkways sidewalks, foundations, driveways and any other flat surface.

Concrete Patios

We build patios for both residential and commercial customers. Create the perfect space to relax outdoors with a patio built by Mustang Construction. We can create any size and shape for homes and businesses so you can enjoy a barbeque or lounging in the sun on a beautifully paved, custom designed concrete patio.

Exposed Aggregate

Concrete is made up of cement and aggregate. The aggregates are crushed gravel, sand or crushed stone. An exposed aggregate finish is created when the top layer of new concrete is washed and brushed away, revealing the colours and textures of the stones just below the surface. The result is a beautiful finish that looks stunning. We can create this finish for both commercial and residential buildings with results that will impress. The technique used to create exposed aggregate is concrete grinding. It can be used to level uneven concrete surfaces, or to restore sidewalks, driveways, and commercial floors that are showing signs of pitting or flaking. The process exposes the concrete’s underlying stones in a smooth long-lasting finish. Two popular areas where this technique is used is for Warehouse Floor Restoration / Shop Floor Restoration.

Basement Floors

Our construction professionals install and repair concrete basement floors, useful in laundry rooms, storage areas, or any other basement room. If you need flooring repairs underneath carpeting, we can do that as well, reinstalling the carpet when we’re finished.

Garage Pads 

New garage pad ready for wall construction Garage pads protect the floor and walls of a garage from excess moisture, erosion, and sinking when the ground shifts. We install them for any sized garage from one to four cars, creating a sturdy base for existing garages and new garages in construction.


Scarifying uses high-speed, rotating cutters to aggressively remove problem areas on finished concrete, such as uneven surfaces and pitting. Scarifiers, also called concrete planers or milling machines remove concrete faster and more aggressively then grinders. That’s because they use the pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rote at high speeds to chip away the concrete surface. If you have a large industrial area that needs resurfacing, scarifying is your way to go with Mustang Construction.

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