Cracked Foundation Repair

Vertical cracks in new foundation walls may appear as the concrete shrinks during the drying process. In older concrete basement walls of Regina homes, vertical cracks may result from compressed dirt exerting pressure on the foundation. (Please see wall straightening / bracing.) Typically, small vertical cracks do not impact the structural integrity of the wall, while larger vertical cracks can be effectively sealed with a polyurethane-based material.

Horizontal cracks are often the result of soil pressing against the exterior of a foundation wall. The wall space above or below the crack may push into the basement, causing the surface of the wall to become uneven. Depending on the severity of the crack, the solution may involve vertical steel bracing or foundation reconstruction.

Old Foundation With Cracks

Telepost Adjustments

One of the simplest fixes to an uneven structure is to adjust the teleposts. When it comes to telepost readjustment leave it to the professionals or you may do more harm than good. Teleposts are installed underneath the beams that support floor joists, which make them an integral part of floor structure. Expanding and contracting soil beneath the foundation can result in an unequal distribution of weight along the beam and be revealed in cracked drywall, uneven floors and sticking doors. Having the teleposts professionally adjusted can compensate for the ground movement by redistributing the weight of the building and letting it settle. Maintaining a straight main beam will prevent bumps in the floors above  and minimize cracks and movement in the walls. It must be done gradually and accurately. We schedule a free estimate to determine if telepost adjustment is the right solution for you.

Basement Telescopic Post

Sump Pits

Generally, a sump pit is installed in a low area of a foundation floor to collect water from the basement or from the water table around the exterior of the foundation. A sump pump placed in the sump pit moves the water away from the foundation. This can be an effective way to keep water from accumulating in a basement and move it away from the building. If you are having water problems in the spring a sump pit may be the way to go. Ask one of our experts for advice. We can help.

Backup Sump Pump

Wall Straightening / Bracing

If your foundation walls are bulging in your basement it may be time for a wall straightening and bracing of your walls. The reason why basement walls typically bulge is when dry soil compresses causing the ground to drop. One common reason for this is tree roots drawing moisture from the soil near foundations. The compacted soil puts pressure on the basement walls resulting in bulging. Straightening and reinforcing basement walls with vertical steel bracing is an effective, long-term solution. Our braces have been put through pressure and stress tests to guarantee and effective and long-life fix of bowing walls.

Wall Braces

Knee Walls/ Pony Walls

Knee walls, sometimes called a pony wall, are poured, reinforced concrete walls containing vertical steel braces. They are formed against the interior side of foundations and braces support the joists of the building’s main floor when the original foundation is damaged or otherwise unable to bear the weight of the building. They effectively make the foundation twice as thick.

Knee Pony Walls
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