Dampproofing / Waterproofing

Your business doesn’t need unwanted moisture. Dampproofing is applied to the outside of a foundation. It prevents the build-up of soil moisture and directs it away from the foundation. It is not waterproof and will allow moisture through any cracks or holes that might exist in the foundation. We can fix the cracks and holes.  When should you get dampproofing? Moisture problems are one of the most common problems in buildings. If you get moisture in your residence or building it can lead to mould. What dampproofing does is create a water barrier by coating the outside wall with a moisture-resistant material consisting of hot liquid asphalt and rubber coating with an insulating panel. It prevents moisture from getting into the interior. Foundation dampproofing is generally done during the construction phase to meet minimal building code standards. Damp-proofing is only applied internally and water can still pass through the foundation externally through cracks and holes.

Tar Foil Installation

Waterproofing for Regina homes includes the application of an overlapping barrier to foundation walls and the installation of weeping tile. The treatment keeps soil moisture away from foundations, prevents water from penetrating basement walls, and directs any water pooling at the base of the foundation toward the weeping tile. We are one of the most trusted construction companies in Saskatchewan.

If you’re not sure whether your home or business property has been dampproofed or properly waterproofed, it’s something that should be addressed sooner than later. You also need to protect yourself against unskilled contractors that don’t have the expertise to do this kind of work.