Driveway Restoration

Is your driveway cracked and spalled? We can address that. Commercial or residential, we can make that concrete driveway look like new. For new construction we will accommodate the size, shape, and finish that you desire. Select from natural stone or coloured concrete. We will work in Regina and surrounding area. If your driveway needs a facelift due to cracking or spalling (ie pieces being broken off), we specialize in that work too. 

Spalling is the result of water entering the concrete. It forces the surface to peel or pop out or flake out. It happens in concrete because moisture has entered the concrete. It is more common in colder climates that have a freeze-thaw cycle and deicing chemicals. It can also be the result of a poor concrete mix, poor finishing or overwatering.

Road That Needs Repairing

Fixing Concrete Driveway Cracks and Spalling

There are a number of ways to fix driveway cracks and spalling.

  1. You can patch the spalled area with a colour matching compound.
  2. You can have your concrete resurfaced with an overlay. These are effective to cover up surface problems for long as good surface preparation is used.
  3. You can rip out and replace the entire slab.
  4. Full depth repair cutting out the damaged concrete, removing it and replacing the reinforcing steel and concrete.
  5. Partial depth repair cutting around the edges of the damaged area but not into the reinforcing steel and replacing the concrete.

Each option becomes more money and time but it depends on the condition of your driveway and the reason why the damage occurred in the first place. There is no purpose of resurfacing an unstable slab that will simply crack and spall again. We can advise you what the best option is for your particular driveway and its condition. Trust your repairs to the best. We will not try to oversell you but give you quality advice backed by years of experience.