Why is Regina soil so unstable?

Cracked walls, damp basements, sticking doors, and uneven sidewalks are often the first indications for owners of residential and commercial buildings that the ground has shifted. In the Regina area, the ground shifting is particularly impacted by the heavy clay composition of the soil. Sodium bentonite in the clay makes it highly absorbent—10 grams of clay can take on as much as 30 grams of water. (source: Dr. Ulrike Hardenbicker, Leader-Post, November 7, 2012) The expanded, wet clay presses against foundations, causing walls to crack and basement floors to rise. Driveways, sidewalks and patios are also damaged by the uneven shifting of the ground.

Foundation of a New House

The heavy clay soil, or Regina gumbo, can prevent water drainage around exterior foundation walls. Any cracks that may have formed in foundation walls then become pathways for moisture to seep into basements. Depending on the amount of water trapped by the clay, the results can vary from minor basement dampness to flooding. (source: City of Regina Flood Protection)

Beyond general maintenance, there is often little that residential and commercial building owners can do to prevent the effects of clay-based ground shifting. Fortunately, Mustang Construction’s concrete specialists can provide effective solutions for new foundation and flatwork builds as well as for existing concrete structures impacted by Regina gumbo soil.

Foundation Assessment

We offer a Foundation Assessment service. Some foundations are not consistently, horizontally level. We generally charge $150 for a Foundation Assessment. Mustang Construction uses laser levels. We identify areas that fall below or rise above being horizontally level. If no discrepancies exist, no action is required. If issues are identified, we will inform you of the required remedial solutions. These solutions include adjusting teleposts and or floating walls. Not all solutions will require both, but some do. We can provide these services to resolve identified issues. Mustang Construction can provide an estimate for any required work. Call us today to book your Foundation Assessment.

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