Whether it’s a new build or an addition to an existing structure, it requires a solid foundation.  

Foundations are a part of each building (structure). Foundations transfer the weight of the building and contents to the ground. The ground can be very inconsistent, especially in and around Regina. That is why you need experts like Mustang Construction to build or repair your commercial foundation.

There are a number of steps when installing a foundation and along the way at each step you need to take care that your foundation installer is knowledgeable of the terrain and doesn’t cut corners on the materials used. The first step when creating a foundation is to investigate the condition of the soil. Some soil that doesn’t have great strength will require a special foundation. The second step is to have the lot surveyed. This is to determine the corners of the foundation. The third step is to start digging. 

Foundation of a New House

We at Mustang Construction have the latest and most up-to-date equipment to perform the big digs. The fourth step is to install the footings. When concrete is poured there are many do’s and don’ts but the best thing to keep in mind is to use a quality minded contractor especially for a large-scale pour. Mustang Construction always has quality at the top of mind. Five: seal the footings to protect them from moisture using a high-quality sealer. Six: Once the concrete has cured, use concrete block to create stem walls if you are building a basement. You need to make sure that you have a straight and level wall to begin with to keep all the basement walls consistent. Finally, treat your foundation with another round of sealer to keep moisture out. This is imperative in our climate of snow and harsh winters and spring thaws.

Overall, a good foundation must follow several principles:

  • Permanence: don’t build close to where new construction will be occurring
  • Stability and Cohesion: The foundation must be able to transfer the building load to the ground without breaking or warping under the strain
  • Depth: allows buildings to withstand wind and gravity. You must carefully analyze the soil and surrounding area to determine the depth of building foundation to withstand shock and stress.
  • And Rigidity: Foundations must have a rigid base to fully support the entire weight of the building and prevent the building from settling. Settling can cause the building to slant or tilt therefore weakening its internal structure.

We have the necessary tools, knowledge and resources to do the job excellently. To create anything worthwhile always starts with a solid foundation. Mustang Construction creates foundations you can build on. 

Foundation Assessment

We offer a Foundation Assessment service. Some foundations are not consistently, horizontally level. We generally charge $150 for a Foundation Assessment. Mustang Construction uses laser levels. We identify areas that fall below or rise above being horizontally level. If no discrepancies exist, no action is required. If issues are identified, we will inform you of the required remedial solutions. These solutions include adjusting teleposts and or floating walls. Not all solutions will require both, but some do. We can provide these services to resolve identified issues. Mustang Construction can provide an estimate for any required work. Call us today to book your Foundation Assessment.