Here’s How You Can Fix Your Cracked and Spalled Driveway 

Cracked or spalled driveways are more common than we think. With the unpredictable freezing and thawing cycle in winters, cracked driveways can be a menace for many of us who had expended much effort and resources to build it in the first place. If your driveway is cracked or spalled, Mustang Construction can address that promptly. Be it residential or commercial projects, we can help restore your driveway to look like it is brand new!

We take into account the shape, size, and finish of your driveway as you desire, and let you choose your desired colored concrete or natural stone. You can avail your services in and around Regina. Driveway needs a facelift because of spalling or cracking? Call us today to fix it immediately!

How do we fix cracked and spalled driveways to ensure no further damage is done to your property and the initial beauty of your driveway is restored? Below is an idea of our line of thought when it comes to damaged driveways.

How to Fix Cracked and Spalled Driveways?

First, let us understand how you end up with a spalled driveway. Spalling is a result of moisture entering the concrete driveway, forcing the surface to peel, pop out, or flake out. Seen more commonly in colder climates with free-thaw cycles, deicing chemicals, and such, cracked and spalled driveways can be a bother if not fixed right away. It can halt your day-to-day activities, and pose a threat to your safety.

Cracked and spalled driveways can be due to poor concrete mix, overwatering, and improper finishing as well. While the reasons behind such damage to your driveway is innumerable, the fixes are not that complicated. Here’s all the options we provide for cracked driveways:

  • You can choose to patch the spalled area with color-matching compounds.
  • You can decide to have your concrete driveway resurfaced with an overlay. This will be effective in covering up surface problems for a long time with good surface preparation being used.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to rip out and replace your entire slab.
  • You can also opt for complete depth repair, cutting out the damaged driveway concrete, removing it, and finally, replacing the concrete and the reinforcing steel.
  • Partial depth repair is also an option, and it involves cutting around the edges of the damaged area minus the reinforcing steel, and then replacing the concrete.

Each option involves varying amounts of money and time but it all depends on the condition of your concrete driveway and the cause behind the damage. 

Why Choose Us?

We, at Mustang Construction, specialize in both residential as well as commercial house lifting, foundation repairs, concrete flatwork including driveways, patios, and sidewalks, and concrete grinding services in and around Regina. Built on the pillars of reliability, honesty, and exceptional workmanship, we are a fully insured and licensed company working directly with city inspectors and engineers. 

Our 25 years of robust knowledge and expertise qualifies us for the best in class foundation and concrete flatwork services. We ensure our team stays up to date with the latest innovations in the concrete industry. We strive for excellence in whatever we do and customer service remains our utmost priority. 

We have been lauded for meeting the BBB accreditation standards by the Better Business Bureau (since 2009) due to our commitment to make an effort in good faith and resolve all consumer complaints. 

Want to fix your cracked and spalled driveway at lower costs? Give us a call at 306.530.5150 today or mail us to know more about our services!