Mustang Construction has its foundation in residential concrete projects. We started there 25+ years ago and continue to do residential work in Regina and surrounding area. If your home is in need of concrete work, call us today.

Concrete Foundations

Why is Regina soil so unstable?

Cracked walls, damp basements, sticking doors, and uneven sidewalks. Often the first indications that the ground has shifted. In the Regina area, the ground shifting is particularly impacted by the heavy clay composition of the soil. Sodium bentonite in the clay makes it highly absorbent—10 grams of clay can take on as much as 30 grams of water. (source: Dr. Ulrike Hardenbicker, Leader-Post, November 7, 2012). Wet clay presses against foundations, causing walls to crack and basement floors to rise. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios are also damaged by the uneven shifting of the ground.

The heavy clay soil can prevent water drainage around exterior foundation walls. Existing cracks then become pathways for moisture to seep into basements. Trapped water can result minor basement dampness to flooding. (source: City of Regina Flood Protection)

Mustang Construction’s concrete specialists can provide effective solutions. For new foundation and flatwork builds. As well as for existing concrete structures impacted by Regina gumbo soil.

Crack in a House Wall
Braces for Cracked Foundation

Cracked Foundation Repair

Vertical cracks in new foundation walls may appear as the concrete shrinks during the drying process. In older concrete basements, vertical cracks may result from compressed dirt exerting pressure on the foundation. Typically, small vertical cracks do not impact the structural integrity of the wall. Larger vertical cracks can be effectively sealed with a polyurethane-based material.

Horizontal cracks are the result of soil pressing against the exterior of a foundation wall. The wall space above or below the crack may push into the basement. This causes the surface of the wall to become uneven. The solution may involve vertical steel bracing or foundation reconstruction. Depending on the severity of the crack. Mustang Construction can handle both.

Dampproofing / Waterproofing

Damp proofing involves the application of a peel-and-stick membrane. Applied along the exterior walls of foundations. The walls are then covered with miraDrain to channel the water away from the foundation. This treatment prevents the build-up of soil moisture along exterior wall surfaces. It inhibits the movement of moisture through foundation walls.

Waterproofing includes the application of an overlapping barrier to foundation walls. And the installation of weeping tile. The treatment keeps soil moisture away from foundations. It prevents water from penetrating basement walls. It directs any water, pooling at the base of the foundation, toward the weeping tile. From here, water is pumped out via sump pits in order to prevent the basement from flooding. Mustang Construction is trusted in Regina and throughout Saskatchewan.



Underpinning is frequently needed in Regina homes. It is used when the foundation of an existing building needs to be stabilized. Pilings are placed beneath the foundation. This allows the weight of the building to be transferred deeper into the soil. It is important to reach a more solid footing. We also work with Regina commercial buildings.

Residential Concrete

Mustang Construction can provide new concrete flatwork in any dimension. Repairing existing flatwork is also an option. This depends on the condition of the existing flatwork.

Garage Pad
Concrete Grinding


We install, repair, and replace concrete driveways in Regina and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating. Mustang Construction builds driveways for any landscape. From long rectangular driveways to short concrete slabs, circular, or horseshoe driveways. Choose from natural stone or coloured concrete.


We offer sidewalk installation and repair for homes and businesses. From residential subdivisions to private property paths. High-quality sidewalk designs that are built to last.


Create the perfect space to relax outdoors. A patio built by Mustang Construction is the ticket. We can create any size and shape for homes and businesses. You can enjoy a barbeque or lounging in the sun on a custom-designed concrete patio.

Exposed Aggregate

An exposed aggregate finish is created when the top layer of new concrete is washed and brushed away. This reveals the colours and textures of the stones just below the surface.

Basement Floors

Our construction professionals install and repair concrete basement floors. Ideal for laundry rooms, storage areas, or any other basement room. If you need flooring repairs underneath carpeting, we can do that as well. We will reinstall the carpet when we’re finished.

Garage Pads

A garage pad is the flat, level concrete floor of a garage. We install them for any sized garage from one to four cars. We build pads for new garage construction. We can also repair or replace existing floors.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding removes the top layer of concrete. This top layer is intended to create a long-lasting finish on new sidewalks and driveways. It also levels uneven concrete surfaces. As these surfaces fail they need to be addressed. Concrete grinding is used to restore sidewalks, driveways, and commercial floors. Floors that are showing signs of pitting or flaking. The process exposes the concrete’s underlying stones in a smooth finish.


Scarifying uses high-speed, rotating cutters to aggressively remove problem areas on finished concrete. Areas such as uneven surfaces and pitting.

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