If your building is appearing to sink into the ground or cracks are suddenly developing, if the building is being added on to, I.E. another floor, or an excavation is occurring on an adjacent lot, you need underpinning. Underpinning is a procedure used to strengthen an existing foundation that is beginning to fail or needs to be bolstered.

Underpinning is usually required when a structure is settling; When the foundation can no longer support the structure. Foundation underpinning will repair and strengthen the structure by adding additional vertical support, that extends deep into the ground. Pilings, placed beneath the foundation, allow the weight of the building to be transferred deeper into the soil where the ground is more solid.

Mustang Construction does underpinning for your commercial structure. What sets us apart is our ability to do it safely under the most challenging of conditions. Excavating under the foundation of a house and extending its foundation to a new depth allows homeowners to maximize the house or commercial structure’s safety, durability and comfort for decades to come. So don’t wait until you have further damage. Typically foundation underpinning can be used as an affordable foundation repair method, and one that will only add value to your home.